Building User Personas
To run your marketing effectively it’s important to know who you’re marketing to. The first rule is to understand that you are not your ideal customer. The things you find great about your business may not be the same things a customer loves about it.

Use these questions to begin identifying your target customer.
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How old is your ideal customer?

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Does this person have any children? If so, how old are they?

Where do they live?

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What kind of education do they have?

Where did they go to school?

What was their focus in school?

i.e. Their major
Where do they work?

What's their job title?

How much do they love their job?

What is their name? *

What makes {{answer_47219096}} happy?

What does {{answer_47219096}} hate?

When coming into contact with your brand, they will be using

What is their level of tech savviness?

How do they want to interact with your brand?

What are their 3 favorite websites/apps?

How does {{answer_47219096}} make purchasing decisions?

How much do they know about the problem you're solving for them? *

How did {{answer_47219096}} find you?

What research has {{answer_47219096}} done in trying to make a decision?

What was {{answer_47219096}} doing before they arrived at your website?

They are paying for your solution through

Why does {{answer_47219096}} want your solution?

What are 3 things {{answer_47219096}} is afraid of if they choose your solution?

What are 3 things are happening in their life that causes them to say, "Now is the right time to buy?"

Even once they know about you, what are 3 reasons they would choose to NOT work with you?

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